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From a small business to a dynamic enterprise, Shark Paints has steadily and progressively marched into newer heights of popularity and accomplishments of its inception. The company was founded by Alaa Hamdan in 2010 and is located in Toul-Nabatieh. With experience spanning more than 25 years as a sole proprietorship concern led its fast growth with dynamism and ever since, the world of possibilities has never stopped coming around for the Company.

After receiving the ISO 9001:2015 quality control standard certification and the GMP good manufacturing practice for its unmatched quality, the company implemented its intricate quality assurance policies at all manufacturing stages including the procurement of raw material, its handling, work in progress, packing, finishing and the timely delivery of end- products to the customer. The company firmly believes on providing paint products of premium quality with intense technical support and color advisory services. The company promises to provide excellent service and achieve its objectives through experienced and well-trained professionals of the industry and competitive pricing.

Through our experience working with a variety of clients, we always went above and beyond expectations to ensure that each service meets our world-class standards and exceeds each client’s expectations. Our team of fully-trained, highly-skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated and carefully inspect for any painting defects, in accordance with the highly successful Quality Control Methods that we have developed and adhered to over the years. Our philosophy is centered on the commitment to environmental sustainability for a cleaner, safer tomorrow. We expand the stock of our knowledge and apply this know-how for the benefit of our customers and constantly venture in innovative solutions. We are emboldened by a reverence for our skills and expertise and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence each day. Our team embodies our core values, and their unwavering commitment fuels our constant success.

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Shark Paints offers you advanced and high-quality products backed by the highest industry standards in terms of innovation, sustainability and durability.

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